• Explore the lives of men and women from the Bible who demonstrate how to pursue Jesus above all else.
  • Discover keys elements in possessing a hunger and thirst for God, and how you can possess these yourself.
  • Learn Scriptures that can transform you from wanting to want more of God, to truly desiring Him day in and day out. 
  • Take this opportunity to go deeper in your relationship with God.
Discover how you can experience a deeper desire for God in the ordinary everyday issues of life with these FREE resources: Bible Reading Plan, Scripture Writing Guide, and Journal.
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 Scripture Writing Plan 
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Holly M.
Cheri has a beautiful gift for pulling Scriptures from several books of the Bible and tying them together using a common thread that was previously seemingly invisible.  
Mali E.
Thank you so much for creating a flurry of tools for discipleship and fellowship, and creating a space for women to learn about and build their relationship with Christ. 
Download this plan to start your journey toward desiring more of God in your regular everyday life with techniques that work. We pray you will start yearning to yearn for more of Him every day.